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AT a pivotal moment in the DEVELOPMENT OF Miami’S music scene, Call to Music comes to life, SHINNING the spotlight ON locally GROWN talent. At a time when the major labels’ modus operandi is to take over festivals and venues and Indie music is having a hard time getting the exposure it deserves, , ROCK THE MOON PRODUCTIONS AND PRISM MUSIC GROUP COMBINED FORCES TO STAGE a three-day celebration of live performances HELD FROM SEPTEMBER X TO X, showcasing OVER 20 unique local bands AND ARTIST COVERING A MULTITUDE of genres. SIDEBAR PROVIDED THE BACKDROP FOR THE FILMING OF THESE UNIQUE PERFORMANCES, RANGING FROM ACOUSTIC SETS TO FULL BAND SETS, CAPPED OFF BY AN RSVP EVENT THAT FEATURED MAGIC CITY HIPPIES, ARTOFFICIAL AND HEADLINER LOCOS POR JUANA. OVER 600 ATTENDED THE CLOSING EVENT.

-Miami, FL - Wednesday, September 30th